HTML5 And Canvas 2D Specs Are Now Feature Complete, First HTML 5.1 Working Draft Published

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We’ve been writing about HTML5 for quite a while, but, until today, the actual HTML5 specs and standards were still moving targets. Now, however, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has announced that the specifications for HTML5 and Canvas 2D are finally feature complete. This, the W3C notes, means that developers now have a stable target “for implementation and planning.”

It’s worth noting that HTML5 still has to pass a few more steps to become a full W3C standard, but this is, for the most part, just a formality. The W3C expects that the actual standardization process won’t be finalized until mid-2014. What’s most important today, however, is that the HTML5 specs now provide a stable specification that developers can target.

As W3C HTML Working Group co-chair and Microsoft Canada employee Paul Cotton notes today, “no new features will be added to the final HTML 5.0 or the Canvas2D Recommendations. A small number of features are marked “at risk,” but developers and businesses can now rely on all others being in the final HTML 5.0 and Canvas 2D Recommendations for implementation and planning purposes.”

“The broader the reach of Web technology, the more our stakeholders demand a stable standard,” said W3C CEO Jeff Jaffe in a canned statement this morning. “As of today, businesses know what they can rely on for HTML5 in the coming years, and what their customers will demand. Likewise, developers will know what skills to cultivate to reach smart phones, cars, televisions, ebooks, digital signs, and devices not yet known.

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